Recumbent Randonneur

Long Distance Cycling in Comfort

Why a Recumbent?

When I started randonneuring I quickly realised that there had to be a better experience than suffering saddle sores and neck pain, not to mention lingering finger numbness from these rides.


How do you explain to someone why they should ride a long distance on a bicycle, through the night, through the wind, through the sun, through the cold, through the rain, through whatever conditions fickle fate decides to throw at you? [Puddle]


It is tempting to go for the lightest bike and components but choose carefully.
If something breaks, it may mean the end of your ride.

Your top priority should be comfort.
After 40 plus hours of riding you’ll appreciate it.

Health & Nutrition

What do you need to ensure your body will cope with the stresses of Randonneuring?


Paris–Brest–Paris originally a 1,200 km race from Paris to Brest and back was first held in 1891.
Since 1951 it has been organised as a free-paced randonnée.


LEL is 1,500 kilometres between London and Edinburgh.
It has been described as a contender for hardest cycling event in the United Kingdom.