Performer MBB

After years of trying to adjust my Performer highracer FWD so that the power idler did not touch my leg I decided to convert it to a moving bottom bracket/traction direct system. I already had a modified Cruzbike front end that bolted straight on after I cut off the boom. The result is a surprisingly…


Flying Furniture Revisited

My first recumbent:2002 FlyingFurniture PBP Special When I started randonneuring in 2002 I was riding a very second-hand upright bike built up from a frame acquired from a pawn shop fitted out with parts from what I had available under my house. It had served me well, having been used as my daily commuter and…


The cure for creaking handlebars

Some time ago I purchased some Nitto Bosco bars which are 22.2 mm diameter with a 25.4mm sleeve at the mounting point. They creaked annoyingly and sat in my parts bin for a few years. I had forgotten about the creak and recently fitted them to another bike. They are just the right shape but…

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Another Sub-$600 Electric Drivetrain

Archer Components seems to be delivering on the Xshifter promises: “The D1x Trail Shifter transforms nearly any mechanical 1x drivetrain into a high performance electronic shifting machine. This is retrofit electronic shifting. The bike you rode today could be digitally tuned and shifting smooth tomorrow.”

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Cold Weather Riding

Road Bike Rider has some useful tips for cold weather riding: What to wear cycling at every temperature. Keep your feet warm more Solutions for Keeping Feet Warm 9 Tips for Winter Cycling Training The Complete Guide to Winter Bicycling Winterize Your Bike


Deja Vous

This was my first recumbent, on which I completed PBP in 2003. The handling was excellent but the narrow high-pressure tyres gave it a harsh ride on rough roads and was almost impossible to ride on unsealed surfaces. The tailbox helped streamline the bike and also provided a large storage space which, along with the…