Ideal Crank Length

“Crank length is part of a system of hinges and levers that must operate in the larger context of an individual’s biomechanics. Longer cranks increased flexion and the range of movement required at both the hip and knee. Where there is indecision, cyclists should opt for a shorter crank to reduce the risk of injury….


XShifter at Interbike 2017

XShifter will be on display at Interbike September 20 – 22 in Las Vegas. XShifter says: “We will be bringing finished production samples of the product. This is only fitting, as Interbike is where we made our formal public announcement just 1 year ago. In just 1 year, XShifter has gone from rough 3D printed…


The Ideal Randonneuring Bike

I could not agree more with Pamela Blalock who says: “A good brevet bike is one you use on a brevet with little or no hassle or pain. This means the bike is: reliable and comfortable has enough storage capacity that you can carry what you need for the distance and conditions (including clothes and…

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Cleat position

Have you ever wondered if your cleats are set up correctly? This page has some detailed information on attaching and setting up different cleats. Steve Hogg’s thoughts Joel Friel on Midsole Bike Cleat position


A Sub-$600 Electric Drivetrain?

Microshift’s prototype 11-speed electric eXCD drivetrain was on display at the Taipei 2016 Cycle Show. Said to be available sometime in 2017, it looks promising. 2020 Update More than three years later and still waiting for delivery. Meanwhile . . . There is a competing product from Archer Components available now that seems to deliver…



A recumbent bicycle places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Recumbents come in many different sizes and configurations usually with either two or threes wheels. Most recumbents are rear-wheel-drive but there are many FWD models available. A well designed recumbent is far more comfortable than an upright bike; the rider’s weight is distributed comfortably over a…


Custom Lowracer FWD

I first spotted the Toxy ZR online in about 2005 and commissioned a friend to make me  a similar machine but it never really handled satisfactorily. It was decidedly scary at speed.