Wax-based chain lube

In a previous post I mentioned paraffin wax was claimed to be the most efficient chain lube. I tried straight paraffin wax and found it less than ideal: too sticky and hard to use. I just came across a recipe that uses other ingredients to make applying the wax mush easier.

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Drivetrain efficiency is all about lube

From a VeloLab article “DRIPPING WITH SPEED“ Lube isn’t all that sexy, at least not this kind. But it is unquestionably the cheapest way to make your bike measurably quicker. The most efficient lubes in perfect conditions are likely not the fastest when the going gets rough, with the exception of paraffin. The only real…


The nitty and gritty of chain maintenance

With chain grease still caked under his fingernails, Ian Boehm holds forth on the various options for keeping your drive train whirring along smoothly-and also reveals a peculiar preference for eau de kero… IAN BOEHM joined Audax late last century, is a card carrying geek and is as comfortable riding his recumbent as he is…