Hammerhead Karoo – A Garmin Edge killer?

This looks promising.

It will be interesting to see how well it compares in real life.

  • Color touchscreen that the company claims works as well as modern smartphones, plus
  • 3.5in screen
  • Buttons on both sides give you the choice to operate it using buttons or touch screen
  • On-board 3G cellular and WiFi connectivity
  • Seamless integration with Strava and other apps
  • Claimed 10-hour battery life with color navigation
  • The app can turn Strava ride files into navigable routes, wirelessly
  • Re-route on the fly and do so with various filters like gravel, mountain or road.

More info:

Waterproofing Electrical Connections

Hear is a useful idea I found on the YACF forum

Somnolent said:

charging of Garmins from a dynamo while on the move is problematic even in the dry.
Nothing that can’t be overcome mitigated with a little ingenuity.
Been running my Etrex (HCx) from the Luxos USB offtake for a couple of years now.
I’ve fettled a 6″ cable with sugru at either end to make something tolerably water-resistant, and which minimizes mechanical loads/vibration on the USB socket.
Keep meaning to remove the cable when it rains, close up the covers and run on battery for the duration of the precipitation, but somehow I always seem to forget and its still going strong.

From the Sugru website:

Sugru sticks to wood, metal, glass, as well as most plastics and fabrics.
It bonds much stronger than contact adhesives, adhesive strips or silicone sealants.
Once it’s cured, Sugru is waterproof, just like other rubbers.
You can use it in the shower, the sink or even the sea.
And thanks to Sugru’s heat-resistance, it’s even dishwasher-proof.
Sugru isn’t rigid like other glues – cured Sugru bends like a firm, flexible rubber, so it’s perfect for use on textiles, shoes or even low-current cables.

Consumer Reports says:

What we found. As we expected, a pack doesn’t go very far. Sugru sticks adequately to non-porous surfaces but not as well as a true adhesive. It isn’t as soft as some other silicones once cured, and it’s not especially strong. And while you can compress it without problems, it didn’t handle stretching well.

Bottom line. We wouldn’t use Sugru where failure of the bond could create a safety or health issue. But in cases where filling a gap is essential, a structure requires some reinforcement, or surfaces don’t align well, we found it fun and useful—there are many situations where the usual adhesives wouldn’t apply. Still, we recommend it for non-critical repair tasks.

Battery Charge Extender for the Garmin EDGE

Portable Emergency AA Battery Charger Extender suitable for the Garmin EDGE 500

This comes highly recommended by other randonneurs.

I wonder if it works with the Edge 810?


Andrew Mead says:

 I start with the Gomadic plugged in so the Edge draws external power first and doesn’t put the AAs into a high current draw-down needed to recharge the Edge.

The Edge will alert me when it switches to the internal battery so I know when I’m down to my last 15 hours of power.  I suppose I could swap in new AAs at that point and continue indefinitely.

More Accurate Elevation Calcs

Ridewithgps are about to begin using a new elevation calculation method that provides more accurate figures.
Additionally, all existing routes and rides will be updated to use the new calculations.

It will be interesting to see how they will compare with others such as OpenRunner which often shows much lower estimates.

GPS navigation and communication combined

Delorme inReach combines GPS navigation and emergency communications

The all-new DeLorme inReach Explorer combines the satellite communications functions of past inReach mobiles with a full GPS navigation feature set.

A single handheld unit serves as a GPS navigator, backcountry communications device and emergency rescue beacon all rolled into one.

Read more about the new DeLorme inReach Explorer