Hammerhead Karoo – A Garmin Edge killer?

This looks promising.

It will be interesting to see how well it compares in real life.

  • Color touchscreen that the company claims works as well as modern smartphones, plus
  • 3.5in screen
  • Buttons on both sides give you the choice to operate it using buttons or touch screen
  • On-board 3G cellular and WiFi connectivity
  • Seamless integration with Strava and other apps
  • Claimed 10-hour battery life with color navigation
  • The app can turn Strava ride files into navigable routes, wirelessly
  • Re-route on the fly and do so with various filters like gravel, mountain or road.

More info:

Ideal Crank Length

Crank length is part of a system of hinges and levers that must operate in the larger context of an individual’s biomechanics.
Longer cranks increased flexion and the range of movement required at both the hip and knee.
Where there is indecision, cyclists should opt for a shorter crank to reduce the risk of injury.

There does not appear to be a strong argument for optimising crank length in terms of pure performance.
There was no significant change in power when cranks were as long as 200mm or as short as 150mm.
Longer cranks can make a difference, but only for short sprints from a standing start with a fixed gear ratio.

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