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Drivetrain efficiency is all about lube

From a VeloLab article “DRIPPING WITH SPEED“ Lube isn’t all that sexy, at least not this kind. But it is unquestionably the cheapest way to make your bike measurably quicker. The most efficient lubes in perfect conditions are likely not the fastest when the going gets rough, with the exception of paraffin. The only real…

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What to Wear in Various Weather

Do you have trouble deciding what to wear when the weather is uncertain? The pain of late autumn/fall cycling comes from not knowing what to wear on any given ride in the fluctuating colder weather. John Yoder found that David Ertl’s guidelines for what you might wear across a range of temperatures was a great…


Hammerhead Karoo – A Garmin Edge killer?

This looks promising. It will be interesting to see how well it compares in real life. Color touchscreen that the company claims works as well as modern smartphones, plus 3.5in screen Buttons on both sides give you the choice to operate it using buttons or touch screen On-board 3G cellular and WiFi connectivity Seamless integration…


Ideal Crank Length

“Crank length is part of a system of hinges and levers that must operate in the larger context of an individual’s biomechanics. Longer cranks increased flexion and the range of movement required at both the hip and knee. Where there is indecision, cyclists should opt for a shorter crank to reduce the risk of injury….