Wider tyres

Are supple tyres the way to go? Jan Heine has long been advocating the use of wider, more supple, tyres as the most effective change to increase speed and comfort without requiring extra effort. Read his thoughts on wider tyres here. Another article on Optimizing Your Tire Pressure gives a chart of pressures for different tyres and weight …

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Battery Charge Extender for the Garmin EDGE

Portable Emergency AA Battery Charger Extender suitable for the Garmin EDGE 500 This comes highly recommended by other randonneurs. I wonder if it works with the Edge 810? Andrew Mead says:  I start with the Gomadic plugged in so the Edge draws external power first and doesn’t put the AAs into a high current …

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More Accurate Elevation Calcs

Ridewithgps are about to begin using a new elevation calculation method that provides more accurate figures. Additionally, all existing routes and rides will be updated to use the new calculations. It will be interesting to see how they will compare with others such as OpenRunner which often shows much lower estimates.

GPS navigation and communication combined

Delorme inReach combines GPS navigation and emergency communications The all-new DeLorme inReach Explorer combines the satellite communications functions of past inReach mobiles with a full GPS navigation feature set. A single handheld unit serves as a GPS navigator, backcountry communications device and emergency rescue beacon all rolled into one. Read more about the new DeLorme inReach Explorer …

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How Can the Road Bike be Improved??

Compared to the earliest bikes, today’s road bikes represent a quantum leap in both design and engineering. How much room is there for improvement? CTech editor Matt Wikstrom investigates.

Sinewave Cycles

Sinewave Cycles Revolution The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices while riding. Features:       Best in class efficiency       High Speed Overload Protection       Simple Installation       Light weight       Shock …

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Make your own Cycling Cap

A pattern for a cycling cap, with two brim options and optional earflaps. A Christmas gift from Emily O’Brien.

Ground Effect

Ground Effect Ground Effect make great cycling gear. Score a $30 credit against your first online order… and a 5% rebate on all other purchases. Fill in the form to get your Ground Effect discount. Yes, I get a minor benefit if you do, but it is all in a good cause.

Toxy ZR

I picked this up at SPEZI 2013 in Germany whilst travelling with my wife for a nearby conference. I first spotted the ZR online in about 2005 and commissioned a friend to make me  a similar machine but it never really handled satisfactorily. It was decidedly scary at speed and I lost confidence in it. My wife decided to …

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