Weight loss combined with health benefits

A member of BentRiderOnLine posted this story of changing his diet with life-changing results. (In case you are wondering, THIS IS NOT A SALES PAGE.) Key points: If you want your body to work the way it was designed to work, you must eat foods it was designed for you to eat. Avoid all grains,…


Ketogenic Diet for Randonneurs

Can I really fuel my rides purely by burning fat rather than carbs (or, technically, glycogen) and do so more efficiently and with greater recovery? Doctors used the ketogenic diet in the 1920s as part of a therapy plan for people with epilepsy, although the origins of ketogenic medicine may date back to ancient Greece. For randonneuring…

Health | Randonneuring


John Hughes has some interesting articles on his site. Recently he discussed physical ailments that can lead to a DNF (Did Not Finish). Of course most of these relate to riding upright bikes. Since I started riding recumbents in 2002 I have only ever experienced the last two conditions. Cramping has rarely bothered me, especially since…


Wine vs. Workouts: Effects of alcohol

Ten years ago (2008) DC Rainmaker posted an article about the effects alcohol had on his performance. I expect it holds true today for most of us. What he discovered by measuring his performance: “Well, at least for me that drinking just a little bit the night before has a fairly significant effect on my performance –…


Erectile Function and Cycling

It has often been claimed that cycling can cause erectile disfunction, but is that really true? This study compares cycling with other sports “High-intensity cyclists recorded slightly better erectile function scores than low-intensity cyclists.” Read the article here



Dementia and Exercise “More than 80 percent of North Americans over the age of 85 suffer from some form of dementia.” A study with rats designed to simulate three types of exercise used by humans showed that rats that ran long distances on exercise wheels at their own choice of speeds had the greatest increase in…