PBP Statistics

From Eric Nichols on the Randon group: A kind anonymous soul has put together this searchable website of all PBP results from 1931 through 2019: http://www.pbpresults.com/results It’s searchable by year, country, bike type, start group, etc. The 2019 numbers are probably unofficial results scavenged from various data sources. The finishing rate in 2019 was the…

Euraudax PBP

‘Euraudax’ Paris-Brest-Paris has formal groups riding at fixed speeds, whereas Randonneurs ride at their own speed and aren’t bound to eat the meals provided by the organisation. Both Euraudax PBP and PBP Randonneur have an intermingled history: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/history/union-des-audax-francais.html