Lindsay Green’s P-B-P Comments

Advice on preparing for PBP from the doyen of Queensland Audax Club (Australia).

No doubt there will be plenty of pre-ride tips available, and they are all worthwhile taking on-board. At the risk of going into infom1ation overload, I offer these comments/tips for prospective entrants, in the hope that they will be of some help.

Obviously preparation is the No. 1 priority, both from a personal and logistics point of view.

On the personal side, and bearing in mind that different training techniques suit different people, depending on their strengths and weaknesses, it is nevertheless vitally important to accustom the body to prolonged periods on the bike, riding in differing conditions.

In no way am I asserting that that my training schedule was the ultimate preparation, but it worked for me! Continue reading “Lindsay Green’s P-B-P Comments”

Preparation for PBP

Jean-Gualbert Faburel (Vice President ACP):

“For a good preparation for PBP, we recommend building up to the event throughout the year.

The brevets should be done in order, just like the other stages toward Paris-Brest-Paris.

We understand that some are forced to do the qualifying brevets out of order or all at once, but they should continue training regularly afterward. It is important to ride well in July and into August, to avoid losing the benefit of the qualifying brevets. Continue reading “Preparation for PBP”