I first spotted the Toxy ZR online in about 2005 and commissioned a friend to make me  a similar machine but it never really handled satisfactorily. It was decidedly scary at speed.

I cut off the boom and make it into a moving-bottom-bracket lowracer using a cut-down Cruzbike kit to fit the 406 wheels. I made the mistake of altering the steering head angle in line with Tom Traylor’s recommendations that he published many years ago.

The handling was still bad but improved greatly when I fitted a much longer rear damper, which had the effect of bringing the head angle closer to the usual ~70 degrees.

I got it to the point of being very usable and then decided to tweek the geometry again.

In its final form with Cruzbike kit fitted.


Instead of leaving well alone, I tried recutting the frame to steepen the head angle so I could use the original short damper unit. The result was a disaster so I cut the head tube off and am in the process of making a new frame based on ideas from the extinct Z-Bone that George Reynolds used to make.

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