This was my first recumbent, on which I completed PBP in 2003.

The handling was excellent but the narrow high-pressure tyres gave it a harsh ride on rough roads and was almost impossible to ride on unsealed surfaces.

Flying Furniture PBP Special 2002

The tailbox helped streamline the bike and also provided a large storage space which, along with the dry bags hanging below the seat, allowed me to carry all I needed for touring France for two months.

I have bought, built and sold many bikes since then in a quest for more comfort and ease of transport.

My ideal would be a bike that handles well, weighs less than 10kg, and quickly breaks down to fit in a standard airline case of 26 x 26 x 10 inches. So far it has eluded me.

A couple of years ago I bought a cheap two wheeled trailer for a trip from San Francisco to LA along the old coastal road. It worked well enough but because it was attached to the axle it tended to skew the rear wheel just enough to make the brake disc rub .

I was carrying the box my bike packed into for the flight to LA because I miscalculated the time it took to get across the city to where I had planned to stash the box before I went to SF.

By the time I got to Morro Bay I had had enough and sold the trailer to the local bike shop after sending my box ahead.

When planning my latest trip I wanted to be able to carry a full touring load including tent, mattress and cooking gear.

I borrowed a trailer that was based on the Radical Designs Cyclone which I was looking at but then saw this yellow PBP Special advertised in Melbourne.

I knew it could carry my load without the encumbrance of a trailer and after haggling for a while managed to get it for a reasonable price. Peter Mathews kindly picked it up and boxed it for me

Here it as is as I rode it in RAGBRAI 2019 and then across France from Bordeaux to Fougères to Rambouillet to see PBP again before riding along the Avenue Verte to Dieppe-Newhaven ferry then on to Romsey UK.

Flying Furniture PBP Special in 2019

It now has 42-406 Schwalbe Shreddas and handles just as well as the original but tyre pressures of 25psi give a far more comfortable ride.


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