The Flèche Vélocio was created in 1947.
After the Brevets and the PBP Randonneur, it is the oldest event organized by the ACP.
The Flèche Vélocio is a French team ride of 24-hours’ duration, usually held over the Easter weekend.
Teams consist of 3 to 5 machines and all members ride together.
The number of teams is unlimited. Each team chooses its own start point and its own route.
All teams start on Good Friday or on early Saturday, and head to the traditional Easter cycling rally in Provence.
At least 360 km must be covered in 24 hours, but the goal is to ride the longest distance possible.
Eventually on Easter Sunday morning, teams from all over France meet at the rally, chat and celebrate together.

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Flèche Vélocio Rules

Jean-Gualbert Faburel said:

“The rules of the Flèche Vélocio have been poorly translated into English.
We are looking at publishing a new translation to improve the understanding of this event.
Many people think the goal is to ride 360 km in 24 hours.
However, the goal is to ride 24 hours without stopping, more or less, and to do the maximum distance the team can do. The basic principles of this event are:
1. Creating a team spirit, starting with the preparation, to enjoy a great cycling experience in a group.
2. Complete a beautiful randonneur ride, even with difficult weather.
3. Arrive at a wonderful destination to meet other riders, and have a good time together talking about our rides… or anything else!”

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