Flèche All Day Trial

The Flèche All Day Trial is a 24-hour team time trial held annually.
Teams of three to five riders must ride together at least 360km and finish at a designated location
Teams choose their own routes to the designated finishing place.

How does it work?

The Flèche is a unique time trial in which teams ride a route of their own choosing to a common finishing point.
The only restriction on route selection is that teams should ride a tour, not repeat circuits.

These Australians hold the record:

  • Oct, 1991 536 km Electric Prunes M Hastie, S Hardy, R Schenfelder VIC
  • Oct, 1992 655 km The Untouchables M Hastie, S Hardy, N Skewes, G Green VIC
  • Oct, 1993 770 km The Endorphins M Hastie, G Green, N Skewes, D McKean VIC

The Endorphins Oppy 1993 World Record Ride – Part 1

The Endorphins Oppy 1993 World Record Ride – Part 2

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