ACP Brevet Medals Finish an ACP-sanctioned brevet of:

  • 200,
  • 300,
  • 400,
  • 600 or 1000km.

Application period: year round.
May sell out in PBP years.

ACP Super Randonneur Complete one of each of these ACP-sanctioned brevets:

  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 600km

during a single season.

Application period: year-round.

In a PBP year, the newly redesigned Super Randonneur Medal is traditionally distributed to riders at PBP.

If you are going to PBP, you will receive your SR medal at rider check in.

If you are not going to PBP, you can apply for your SR award and order a medal after PBP.

International Super Randonneur Complete a Super Randonneur series with each ride in a different country, over any period of time [details].

Apply to Audax UK.
Application period: year-round.

Super Randonnée 600 Super Randonnées are mountainous Permanents of 600 km  with over 10.000 m of elevation gain.

Riders have the option of riding a Super Randonnée either as a Randonneur or as a Tourist.

Randonneurs have a 50 hour time limit for 10,000 m of elevation gain.
The time limit is extended for randonnées with higher elevation gain.

The requirement for Tourists is to complete the route with consecutive daily minimum riding distances of at least 80 km on average.

Super Randonnées are very demanding rides.
You will have to be well trained for climbing, familiar with often unpredicable conditions in the mountains, and self-sufficient on long distances.


If you want to ride a Super Randonnée (SR) outside France, you must register with the SR organizer.
See the SR list

Randonneurs Mondiaux 1200km Medal Finish a 1200km or longer RM-sanctioned randonnée.
Application period: year round.
ACP Randonneur 5000 To qualify for this award, the randonneur must complete:

  • a full series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000km)
    [longer brevets cannot be substituted for shorter ones];
  • a Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée;
  • a Flèche Vélocio, or other ACP-sanctioned flèche (your team of at least three bicycles must finish officially); and
  • additional ACP and/or RM events to bring the total distance up to at least 5000 km.

Some additional French events can also be used as qualifying rides.
See the ACP rules for details.

The qualifying events must be completed within a four-year period, beginning on the date of the first qualifying event.

In normal years, Randonneur 5000 applications are accepted from 1 June to 15 September.


ACP Randonneur 10000 Complete at least 10000km of brevets including:

  • a Paris-Brest-Paris,
  • another 1200k,
  • two full ACP series of 200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000 km brevets,
  • a Flèche team event, and
  • a Super Randonnee 600 within a six-year period.

See the ACP Randonneur 10000 Rules for details.
Application process and period:
Send your request form by email by October 15

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