Both Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London are ruddy fantastic events.
Taking part and finishing was among the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Click: PBP is a party, while LEL is an adventure.

Others may have a different opinion.

Andreas Herrmann :
Having finished PBP twice and LEL this year, my conclusions are quite different.
Compared to LEL I found PBP to be a walk in the park. Especially these things made it much harder for me:

  • quality of the “roads” in Britain
  • hefty climbs
  • weather
  • 4 nights instead of 2

PBP is more of a worldwide meeting of cycling enthusiasts (I feel like being part of a national team) and for a lot of people finishing time is of importance – me against the clock.
LEL is just one big adventure – me against nature

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