LEL starts on Sunday 30 July 2017

Entries have closed – the demand has been enormous.

You could always volunteer to experience the event and get a guaranteed place in 2020.

LEL 2017

The new route is 1433km long and has 11,128m of climbing. It is broadly similar to the route in 2013, starting in north east London and heading north through the east of England to the Humber Bridge before crossing the Pennines and almost reaching the west coast of England.

The route through Scotland remains a loop, heading north via Moffat and south via Innerleithen and Eskdalemuir.
However we’ve made a number of significant changes for 2017:

  • Between Brampton and Moffat, there is a choice of route. During the day we recommend a shorter, hillier route via Borland. During the night there is the option of using the 2013 route, which provides easy navigation along wide, flat roads.
  • The approach to Edinburgh now uses a cycle path for the final 6km, crossing the beautiful Poulton Beck valley just before you arrive at the control.
  • In Lincolnshire there are new controls at Spalding and Louth. The route around Louth passes through the gentle hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, arguably Britain’s best kept secret.
  • From St Ives to Great Easton, the route now passes through the centre of Cambridge, one of the prettiest cities in Britain, using a 15km, high class cycle track.
  • The route to and from Great Easton has been changed completely to minimise the number of hills you have to climb.

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