Mark’s Plan for a 1200

Sage advice from Mark Thomas:

  • Try to maintain 20kph (including stops) during the day.
    This is easy to calculate, even when tired.

  • Keep stops short enough to keep on that schedule.
    That gives me 6 hours in 24 for rest.
    18 hours x 20kph = 360km or 24 hours of brevet time.
    5 hours rest instead allows me to start with an hour in the bank.

  • Don’t panic if falling behind.
    I assume a shorter sleep break can fix.

  • Be cognizant of the 10 hours extra time on return.
    Forgetting this can induce unnecessary panic.

  • Ok to settle for 15kph (including stops) during days 3-4.
    Anything better than the 20kph/15kph is gravy. Stop for ice cream.

  • Did I mention this already? Don’t panic