What is Randonneuring (Audax)?

How do you explain to someone why they should ride a long distance on a bicycle, through the night, through the wind, through the sun, through the cold, through the rain, through whatever conditions fickle fate decides to throw at you? [Puddle]


Performer MBB

After years of trying to adjust my Performer highracer FWD so that the power idler did not touch my leg I decided to convert it to a moving bottom bracket/traction direct system. I already had a modified Cruzbike front end that bolted straight on after I cut off the boom. The result is a surprisingly…


Flying Furniture Revisited

My first recumbent:2002 FlyingFurniture PBP Special When I started randonneuring in 2002 I was riding a very second-hand upright bike built up from a frame acquired from a pawn shop fitted out with parts from what I had available under my house. It had served me well, having been used as my daily commuter and…


Weight loss combined with health benefits

A member of BentRiderOnLine posted this story of changing his diet with life-changing results. (In case you are wondering, THIS IS NOT A SALES PAGE.) Key points: If you want your body to work the way it was designed to work, you must eat foods it was designed for you to eat. Avoid all grains,…


The cure for creaking handlebars

Some time ago I purchased some Nitto Bosco bars which are 22.2 mm diameter with a 25.4mm sleeve at the mounting point. They creaked annoyingly and sat in my parts bin for a few years. I had forgotten about the creak and recently fitted them to another bike. They are just the right shape but…


How far can you ride in 24 hours?

Flèche All Day Trial The Flèche All Day Trial is a 24-hour team time trial held annually. Teams of three to five riders must ride together at least 360km and finish at a designated location Teams choose their own routes to the designated finishing place. How does it work? The Flèche is a unique time…

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Another Sub-$600 Electric Drivetrain

Archer Components seems to be delivering on the Xshifter promises: “The D1x Trail Shifter transforms nearly any mechanical 1x drivetrain into a high performance electronic shifting machine. This is retrofit electronic shifting. The bike you rode today could be digitally tuned and shifting smooth tomorrow.”

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Cold Weather Riding

Road Bike Rider has some useful tips for cold weather riding: What to wear cycling at every temperature. Keep your feet warm more Solutions for Keeping Feet Warm 9 Tips for Winter Cycling Training The Complete Guide to Winter Bicycling Winterize Your Bike


PBP Statistics

From Eric Nichols on the Randon group: A kind anonymous soul has put together this searchable website of all PBP results from 1931 through 2019: http://www.pbpresults.com/results It’s searchable by year, country, bike type, start group, etc. The 2019 numbers are probably unofficial results scavenged from various data sources. The finishing rate in 2019 was the…