The First Recumbents

Geared recumbents , as distinct from early front-drivers , first appeared in the 1890s, soon after the pneumatic-tired safety bicycle. See Early Recumbents Jan Heine has discovered recumbents. “While the racing world outlawed recumbents soon after Francis Faure set an hour record on a recumbent in 1933, cyclotourists and randonneurs couldn’t have cared less about what the Union Cycliste…


Ketogenic Diet for Randonneurs

Can I really fuel my rides purely by burning fat rather than carbs (or, technically, glycogen) and do so more efficiently and with greater recovery? Doctors used the ketogenic diet in the 1920s as part of a therapy plan for people with epilepsy, although the origins of ketogenic medicine may date back to ancient Greece. For randonneuring…

Health | Randonneuring


John Hughes has some interesting articles on his site. Recently he discussed physical ailments that can lead to a DNF (Did Not Finish). Of course most of these relate to riding upright bikes. Since I started riding recumbents in 2002 I have only ever experienced the last two conditions. Cramping has rarely bothered me, especially since…


Nazca Gaucho HiRacer 28

I visited SPEZI in 2018 and enjoyed the spectacle of the place. I am still looking for a simple, lightweight machine that will easily pack into a suitcase for travelling. The Zox caught my eye and I was impressed by a short ride around the test track. They are not the most elegant of designs,…


Why Not a Recumbent?

I have been reading a book by Robert Penn called “It’s All About the Bike” which a friend gave me last week. Penn has been a life-long cyclist and rode around the world in his late twenties. The book is the story of his love affair with cycling and the journey to build his dream bike….


Paris-Brest-Paris Bulge Chart

Jo Wood’s fascinating dynamic bulge chart shows progress of the 6000 riders of the 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle randonnée. The animation shows where and when riders were bunched up on the road and at controls. Abandons (DNFs) can also be seen accumulating at various controls along the route. Circles used to indicate bunches at controls of…