Jean-Gualbert Faburel (Vice President ACP):

“For a good preparation for PBP, we recommend building up to the event throughout the year.

The brevets should be done in order, just like the other stages toward Paris-Brest-Paris.

We understand that some are forced to do the qualifying brevets out of order or all at once, but they should continue training regularly afterward. It is important to ride well in July and into August, to avoid losing the benefit of the qualifying brevets.<

For those who have time to spare, we recommend participating in the Semaine Fédérale de Cyclotourisme in France.
You will ride about 1000 km during that week on well-marked courses with 10,000 other riders.

Then you should ride less for a week, and stop a few days before taking off for Paris-Brest-Paris.

Another important point concerns the 400 km brevet. We recommend starting this brevet at 4 p.m., to learn riding through the night.

Many people come to PBP without ever having spent a complete night on the bike.

The first night of PBP can come as a shock for them. Thus, we have a very large number of abandons after 400 km, which is unnecessary.”

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