What is a Super Randonnée?

Super Randonnées are mountainous Permanents of 600 km (373 miles) with over 10.000 m (32.800 ft) of elevation gain.

Riders have the option of riding a Super Randonnée either as a Randonneur or as a Tourist.

Randonneurs have a 50 hour time limit for a basis of 10.000 m of elevation gain.
The time limit is extended for randonnées with higher elevation gain.

The requirement for Tourists is to complete the route with consecutive daily minimum riding distances of at least 80 km on average.

Tourist or Randonneur, you must love to climb and have a taste for effort.
Choose the Tourist option if you want to enjoy the scenery without a time limit and night riding

How hard can it be?

See this ride report for one answer: “Big Savage” Super 600k ride report

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