I could not agree more with Pamela Blalock who says:

A good brevet bike is one you use on a brevet with little or no hassle or pain.

This means the bike is:

  • reliable and comfortable
  • has enough storage capacity that you can carry what you need for the distance and conditions (including clothes and tools) and/or store what you no longer need.
  • and since the longer brevets require lights and usually involve sustained night riding, a bike used for longer brevets should have reliable long-lasting lights.”
    For me this means a hub dynamo is essential. Current ones are quiet, reliable and create imperceptible drag.
    They can also charge gadgets such as phones whilst also powering lights.

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Recumbents at PBP

Bob Fourney rode a Lightning F-90 in the 1999 PBP and had a crew. According to this link he completed it in 47 hours.

Results for the four fastest recumbents at PBP 2011:

  • Jérôme Deloge – Zockra lowracer 51:27
  • Andreas Koerner – M5 Carbon High Racer 52:39
  • Robert Carlier – M5 Carbon High Racer 53:00
  • Hans Wessels – Quest Velomobile 55:30

David Cambon looks at Paris-Brest-Paris & Recumbent Bikes

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