How do you explain to someone why they should ride a long distance on a bicycle, through the night, through the wind, through the sun, through the cold, through the rain, through whatever conditions fickle fate decides to throw at you? [Puddle]

The words of C. Joybell C come to mind:

“I feel that we are often taken out of our comfort zones, pushed and shoved out of our nests, because if not we would never know what we could do with our wings, we would never see the horizon or the sun setting on it, we would never know that there is something far beyond where we are at this moment. It can hurt, but later you say, “Thank you.”

French record breaking sailor Olivier de Kersausan’s words also apply to the longer randonnees:

“To feel euphoric when getting ready, excited at the start, to suffer, to hesitate, to be determined again, to sink back into discouragement, to recover strength to go further, to try to stay awake, again and again, and eventually to arrive safe and sound at the harbour. The deep sense of achievement makes us forget the suffering.”

Damon Peacock explains:

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